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Parts Washer Service

Various machines in industrial and manufacturing facilities require some form of regular maintenance. Not only is this more cost-effective, since replacements and repairs are not needed that often, but it also ensures less downtime, which translates to more revenue. In the process of cleaning however, these machines create certain wastes that may be toxic to both the environment and the people around it, which is why it should be handled properly, and by those who are trained to do so.

Industrial and manufacturing companies utilize parts washers in cleaning their equipment and machinery. The cleaning agents used on these are water-based solutions that can get into every nook and cranny of the machine without destroying its sensitive components. Some of the equipment they use for cleaning these include degreasers, and units for cold cleaning.

Parts washers are normally classified into two: aqueous and solvent based. Washers that are solvent based get rid of machine dirt by melting it away. Such a capability can never be achieved if the solvent itself doesn’t contain naptha, mineral spirits, trichloroethane, and other petroleum-based components, which are essentially toxic and harmful to the environment and to people exposed to these without protective gear.

Aqueous solutions, on the other hand, are divided into two categories – semi or full. They are considered to be more environmentally friendly since these are more water based, and pH neutral. The difference between a semi and a full is that a semi-solution has a small amount of solvent included in it. No matter which type of parts washer service you use, you are still responsible for finding the right New Mexico waste disposal service that will take care of the resulting waste from such an endeavor Finding a company that can handle both is probably your best option.

ACT one company who can handle both your parts washing needs and proper waste disposal in New Mexico. We are a champion in proper waste disposal that is in line with environmental regulations and safety, having been in the business for 50 years. We are able to take the lead because we do our job right and constantly upgrade our skills and equipment used. This way, we can help businesses like yours become more compliant with state and federal regulations.

Aqueous Parts Washers
ACT is offering a wide range of full aqueous parts washers that are environmentally friendly since they don’t contain any VOCs, petroleum-based components, and other solvents and chemicals that can be extremely harmful to the environment and to humans. As such, they no longer require any special permits or compliance certificates, which in turn reduces downtime that normally accompanies this when machines are not immediately serviced since proper documents have not been filed or released. This system is also guaranteed to perform more effectively than solvent solutions without increasing the overall service costs.

ACT gives you four choices for parts washers:


  • Capacity of up to 10 gallons
  • Compact size
  • Basin made from high-impact polyethylene and enclosure and cover from stainless steel
  • Pump functional with air or electric
  • Adjustable pressure regulator
  • Great for compact-sized machines
  • Preset fixed thermostat

ACT 19

  • Capacity of up to 19 gallons
  • Plastic made from industrial-grade polyethylene
  • Pump (industrial grade)
  • 1,000-watt separate heater with on/off switch
  • Nozzle (Loc-Line)
  • Polyester flow-through brush
  • Stainless steel work shelf
  • Filter attachment and clean-out plug
  • Preset fixed thermostat

ACT 30

  • Capacity of up to 30 gallons
  • Plastic made from industrial-grade polyethylene
  • Pump (industrial grade)
  • 1,000-watt separate heater with on/off switch
  • Nozzle (Loc-Line)
  • Polyester flow-through brush
  • Stainless steel work shelf
  • Preset fixed thermostat
  • Stainless steel door closure
  • 30-gallon drum made of polyethylene for New Mexico waste disposal (optional)

ACT 45

  • Capacity of up to 45 gallons
  • Ideal for bigger machines
  • Longer shelf life for the cleaning fluid
  • Polyethylene plastic (industrial grade)
  • Pump (industrial grade)
  • 1,000-watt separate heater with on/off indicators
  • Nozzle (Loc-Line)
  • Polyester-based flow-through brush
  • Stainless steel work shelf
  • Preset fixed thermostat

With our different parts washer service options, we will be able to service any type of industrial equipment with speed and efficiency.

Call us today for a quote and more information.

ACT Certifications

ACT has all the required certifications and permits for hazardous waste transport and disposal, as issued by local, state and federal entities, which can be reviewed upon request.

What People Say About ACT

  • ACT has provided an excellent and conscientious service for Quantum Clean. ACT was functional in our transition and carried out a significant job keeping the facility in compliance with regulatory agencies. Juliana is reliable, honest and quick to respond to our needs. She carefully reviews and recommends alternative resources with competitive pricing. Overall, I have full confidence in ACT.
    - Chip H.
    Global Leader in Parts Cleaning
  • Our Account Manager, Juliana Cayetano, You and ACT in general have been outstanding in responsiveness to pick-ups and deliveries, including the delivery of preprinted HW labels. ACT meets our time schedules, including our sometimes short notice requests, with the utmost professionalism. Juliana’s help with year-end reports and other data requests are timely and thorough. We have a good working relationship that I believe will continue well into the future. On a personal note: ACT has made my transition into EHS at HM a much smoother one. Thank you.
    - Ronald R.
    Facilities Engineer
    Global Leader in Sustainable Technologies & Special Chemicals
  • Based on my experience, I strongly recommend ACT to providing environmental related services to other companies like Flextronics. If you have questions regarding this recommendation, please contact me at your convenience.
    - Ray S.
    Environmental Health & Safety
    Global Leader in Design, Manufacturing & Distribution
  • Our company uses ACT for to provide haul away environmental wastes and I'd recommend their service anytime. Adam Brandin is our company's Regional Account Representative who is very responsive. Their pricing is competitive and they do not nickel and dime you for each service that they provide. Other environmental professionals who use them also noted their customer services. So for small or medium company, use them, they provide competitive pricing and very GOOD customer services. For large company which I used to work for, ACT also provided onsite turn-key services as well as hazwaste hauling. Yes, if you use Clean Harbor, it may be cheaper. But the customer service cannot be beat. I put pricey because hazwaste services are always pricey and similar in charge. The difference is the customer service, compliance history, and their intellectual resources.
    - Mary L.
    Environmental Health & Safety
    BioResearch/BioTesting Industry
  • ACT has an exceptional customer service, they are always very responsive and aim to meet the challenges that the company face as far as the onsite hazardous waste management goes. Their onsite service is also fantastic; their onsite service technicians are well trained and very knowledgeable.
    - David D.
    Major Pharmaceutical Company
  • I am really pleased with our decision to transfer waste service to ACT. The account manager was helpful and attentive with service set-up and the technician was informative, making the process so easy.
    - Jennifer P.
    Bio-Genetics Industry
  • ACT has provided great service for the Authority. You provide reliable service along with competitive pricing and you have done a great job at keeping us in compliance with the regulatory agencies.
    - Frank H.
    Senior Executive
    County Government Agency
  • I wanted to take a few minutes and thank you and your company for participating in the DEA Prescription Take Back Event on 4/28. The event was very successful in both the quantity of prescription medications and medical sharps collected as well as positive community feedback...Citizens were grateful for the alternate drop off location and they were extremely happy to see we had sharps collection. I just wanted to take the time and thank you again. Your willingness to partner with the UC Merced Police Department during this event reflects positively on you and your company’s commitment to public service and to the citizens of Merced County. I look forward to working with you again on future events.
    - Sergeant Jeffery Godfrey
    Local Law Enforcement Agency

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